Monday, February 18, 2013

Holiday Weekends

So this past long weekend was quite eventful! It was Valentine's Day and then it was my first time going to a Bridal Expo!

My forever Valentine treated me to banana ice cream-my favorite! And of course a beautiful lilac rose- (he knows me so well). And I made him cookie dough bites from scratch, inspired by my lovely bridesmaid Dana- (which he devoured haha!)
We spent the night just watching silly rom-coms and eating pasta. So perfect.

 And here is the link to the recipe I used, from Chef Chloe.

The Bridal Expo was also quite interesting. I took my parents, my sister and of course my fiance`- thinking that most people would do this...apparently not, in some cases the bride wasn't even there haha! It wasn't very big at all- but it definitely helped show the future mister and I exactly what we want and definitely don't want at our wedding; and also helped to give us a gauge on the cost of some things i.e- photographer, and DJ. Although the styling and things presented were not exactly my taste at all- It was still an enjoyable and informative experience and I even won a few raffles! (Yay free hair cut, free curling iron, free skin analysis, and free shoes!)
A few realizations the future mister and I came to is that certain things we don't want to sacrifice on, especially when the thing we really want is just as much as something that would be considered the norm but is not exactly what we are looking for. This was mainly about our photography decision. (more about this in a future post!) We also realized that although a DJ may be advertising that he plays mostly top 40, has two HUGE SCREEN TV's and lights to light an entire city, that doesn't always mean that that DJ won't cater to or work with your vision of what you want for your wedding. The fiance` and I had been particularly worried about this because there are certain songs we want to hear, and certain complete genres we don't want to hear on our wedding day- so it was relieving to hear that there are DJ's out there that will work with you!

Also there was a photobooth vendor there so we got to test it out!

I hope your Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend was just as good and love filled as mine!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Enjoying Being Engaged

Well its definitely been a while!!

The holidays have come and gone and I have neglected this lovely little blog, shame on me- but definitely NEVER again  :)

I guess a quick update is in order...

Since my last post here, a lot has happened: we have booked a venue, asked our closest and best friends to be in our bridal party, and I said yes to THE dress! (more about those in future blog posts) but mostly the future mister and I decided that we needed to slow down and just enjoy being engaged before everything gets super crazy! And we have definitely enjoyed some down time! The future Mister has been gearing up to start student teaching. It has been quite an adventure clothes shopping with him, who knew a guy could be more particular about the clothes he wears and more obsessed with bargain shopping then any woman I've ever met!! (Although he was very cute doing it!) Other than that we have enjoyed hanging out with friends and discovered a new love for crepes.

Here are some pictures for proof:

Us (on the left, with our good friends (also bridesmaid and best man!) Anthony & Dana, on a day trip to New Hope, PA.

We have been on a crepe eating binge. So far the best combo we found is fresh strawberries, bananas, maple syrup and home made whipped cream.

All in all it has been good to just sit back and relax and enjoy being engaged!

How about you, did you and your future hubby have time to enjoy this special time or did you dive head first into wedding planning?