Monday, March 25, 2013

Bridesmaids Dress Inspiration

So now that you know who will be my bridesmaids, its time to discuss what they will be wearing!
The four of us have been throwing around ideas and inspiration from all over the interweb, and upon recent realization, have come to the conclusion that: we are all too agreeable for our own good! We love all the dresses! So in light of that I decided to have an OCD, crazy bride moment and put together a board of all the dresses we really liked thus far...

  1. Amsale  Chiffon G533C - in black
  2. ASOS Warehouse Lace Insert Mesh Dress w/ Hi Lo Hem
  3. ASOS Warehouse Lace Bodice Dress-
  4. Shabby Apple Mullolland Dress - 
  5. Free People Floral Mesh Lace Dress - 
  6. Free People Sleeveless Miles of Lace Dress - 
  7. Free People Rocco Dress-
  8. Ruche- Verbena Dress 
  9. Dessy Collection Style 2880 - 
  10. Cache` Noir/Black Lace Sheath Dress w/ Ribbon Belt- 
  11. Cache’ Dress

Our general consensus was that the dress will be short, lacy and black!
And I think that is a good starting point.

What do you think? Did your bridesmaids and you all agree on the dresses or was it difficult to find one type of dress they would wear?


Friday, March 22, 2013

Saying Yes to THE Dress

As I mentioned in an earlier post- I have said Yes to THE Dress!!
It was one of the first dresses I had tried on and no other dress compared- obviously it makes me feel like a bride :')

Although I found my dress online and fell instantly in love with it- there was a LOT of internut browsing! So a dress inspiration board! See if you can guess which one is mine!

1. Jenny Packham - Willow
2. BHLDN - Aiguille Gown
3. Melissa Sweet Gown from David's Bridal
4. Anaessia - Sunflower Lace Gown
5. White By Vera Wang at David's Bridal
6. Jenny Packham - Azalea
7. Jenny Packham - Aspen
8. Claire Pettibone - Mademoiselle
9. Ann Taylor - Grosgrain Ribbon Strapless Wedding Dress

My dress shopping experience was a memorable one- I brought my Mom and sister (who is also my maid of honor!!) And we had a blast! I tried on a bunch of dresses, just to make sure the ONE was actually the one (it was). And by the end of the appointment I had a dress! I feel like finding my dress was the easy part though; right now I am in the midst of trying to find a bridesmaids dress for my ladies- but we are all so darned agreeable that its tough to decide on just one- because we love all of them- haha!

Did it take forever for you to 'Say Yes to the Dress' or did you just know right away?

As always,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Bridesmaids!

So now that I have asked all (lol theres only 3!) of my bridesmaids/MOH to be in our wedding its time to show off how I asked them and who they are! 

And there it is! I decided to make simple, pretty kraft paper cards with a personal note inside each one.

Taylor, Laura and Dana are my closest and best friends (aside from my fiance` of course!) and I couldn't imagine walking down the aisle without them! They are each unique, intelligent, quirky, funny, kind, amazing, wonderful women and I am too delighted that they will be in our bridal party.

Taylor, my sister- will be my Maid of Honor! What can I say about Taylor- only that she is the best sister a girl could ask for. No matter what she always has my back, (and I of course always have hers)- we are sisters, so we always look out for one another. Shes crazy and funny, and the most caring person I have ever met. She's also a super talented rock star!

Bridesmaid Laura- We met my sophmore year in college and have been best friends since. My fondest memories of college all include her- like all the times we spent having deep conversations in 'The Rat', or playing with mustaches, or that time we went to a concert and she sang on stage with our favorite band! (She is also a super talented rockstar). She is the Daria to my Jane.

Bridesmaid Dana- We met in high school, and it baffles me that it took until last year for us to get close. What can I say, Dana just gets me! We have too much fun double dating with our guys, and having life affirming conversations over starbucks coffee. Although it took us forever to realize that we should have been friends all along- I can't imagine doing this without her.

I love these ladies and I am so incredibly honored to have them by my side!

What do you think? Did you ask your bridal party in a special way?


Monday, March 18, 2013

Typeface Lovers, Please Stand Up!

*stands up*
It must be said that I spend a majority of my time looking at fonts...
I'm enthralled with how a word can be so drastically changed by the look of a font treatment. Which is why, to no ones surprise that I was seriously stressing over which font would be used for all of our wedding stationery needs! There were so many options, I could do a pretty, fun cursive; or a skinny lettered sans-serif hand written font, or a block font, or a handwritten cursive, or a combo of the two! And each different kind of font would have said something different about us as a couple!! So maybe I stressed over which font we would be using a little TOO much, but after all my searching I finally found the perfect font for us.

So before I show you the font, here were a few contenders:

Carolyna Pro Black

Jane Austen

Jacques & Giles
Some Weatz Swashes
Amatic SC

Comic Zine

Peony Pro

 and finally drumroll please......Our Font:
See that right there? This is our wedding font!! This typeface was exactly what I was looking for, handwritten, cursive, elegant, and a bit timeless. I couldn't be happier with our font choice.

How about you, did you endlessly search for the perfect font? 


Friday, March 1, 2013

Finding the Venue

Shortly after we got engaged (well actually like two weeks after we got engaged) we booked our venue! I know that sounds crazy and a little premature but we knew where we wanted to have our wedding! And figured, why not?

Many of our special moments have happened in Clove Lakes Park, we've went on dates there, spent countless hours roaming through it, and over the years those trees became our park. We even got engaged there! So it only seemed fitting that this cute little venue on its own private island-bridge in the middle of the park was the place we would have our wedding.

So without further ado-
We are getting married at The Lake Club!

 The outside looks super pretty at sunset, with all the lights strung around it.
And this is what it looks like inside all dolled up for a wedding!
Whenever I see these pictures there is this little voice in my head that goes- 'This is where we are getting married! This is where we are getting married! This is where we are getting married!'

I am over the moon excited about our venue- and I know the future mister is too! It means alot to us that we get to celebrate one of the most special moments in our whole lives with our friends and family, in one of the most meaningful places to us. 

What about you, did you and your future mister know exactly where you wanted to get married? Or did you check out many venues until you found the perfect one?