Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Proposal (Part Two)

So now for the story of how it happened...

Every year for the past three years Brian and I go to our favorite park and take pictures in the same spots. It started as a spur of the moment decision but it has become a bit more of a tradition, something almost sacred between us. Any way this was our third year in a row going to do this and we were having so much fun going to all the different spots we would always go to. Once we finally got to the last shot Brian insisted that I go stand so he could focus the camera and set up the shot. After setting it all up he came over to me and was suddenly acting very weird! And I kept asking him “why are you looking at me like that” and he kept saying “i love you!”. And then he rustled around in his pocket and pulled out a small rectangular box. And I gasped. And he got down on one knee and asked “will you marry me” and I of course said “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!” and then once it finally sunk in that this was real- I said yes. And then he pulled me up in the best hug and we kissed. It couldn't have been more perfect- and I couldn't have been more surprised. Also he was sneaky and took this pic while it happened!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Proposal (Part One)

It happened on Columbus Day - a day we usually spend in the park taking photos together. But before I tell all the lovely gory details of how we got engaged; lets backtrack and see why I SHOULD have known it was coming...

 1. Over the summer, The future Mister had taken to teasing (read that: torturing) me by dragging me into Jewelry stores to look at rings every time we went to the mall. If you know me, then you'll know how awkward I was with any and all of these encounters. It probably doesn't help that most people think I don't look old enough to be legally drinking let alone thinking about getting engaged. The future Mister definitely reveled in seeing me get so nervous/excited though- and then he would quickly squash any hopes of this happening in the near future by simply saying a proposal wouldn't happen for "like 5 more years".

 2. After around two months of these silly/awkward jewelry store encounters, he suddenly stopped bringing me into them, and started wearing a denim jacket 95% of the time. If you know him, then you'll know how he doesn't even wear a winter coat until mid- to late January, so the fact that he was wearing a denim jacket mid- September was WEIRD! And this alone should have tipped me off that he was up to something.

 3. Along with the Jacket came his school back pack. Which he also started carrying around with him 95% of the time. He would always do his school work at his home- and now he was suddenly coming up with excuses that he had to bring it to my house to "finish up studying" which by the way never happened- he never once took a book out of that back pack around me. hmmm....

4. Over the summer, one of the Future Mister's and my favorite band was allowing their fans to purchase a personalized song that could be about anything. We had been planning to write the description together, but at the last second He decided he was going to write it on his own- and told me I couldn't see what he wrote- and to "not ask or bother him about it until it comes". (He said that with a very scary serious face- which he never does, so I thought maybe this was how he would propose to me--)

5. The clues kept rolling in right up until the day before it actually happened. Sunday mornings, my family always cooks breakfast. On this particular morning we were discussing what everyone's plans were for Columbus day- I was saying how every Columbus Day the future Mister and I go to the park and take pictures in the same spots for the past two years and how this would be our third year doing this. My mom suddenly got this face on like a lightbulb went off in her head and she simply said "That must be a VERY special day for you guys." Then there was this weird eye interaction between my mom and the future Mister- and before I could really notice anything, the conversation quickly shifted to something completely different.

 Despite all of these things clearly pointing to a proposal I STILL had no idea it was coming. And I was completely taken by surprise when it actually did happen.

 Engaged or married girls, did you know your proposal was coming? Or did you only see the clues AFTER the fact, like me?